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I would like you to meet Pastor Peterson of Kenya, Africa, his wife Josephine and their children. Pastor Peterson is a part of our team and oversees SAL Ministries International - Kenya, Africa. (SAL Ministries International is an Apostolic Alliance...  an association of five fold ministries and apostolic leaders established to bring globally minded ministries together. We can then create relationships, and develop creative dialogue in order to transfer Kingdom purpose, and God’s will from heaven to earth through SPIRITUAL, ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN).

Pastor Peterson and I have been working together for the last year and a half. We have been partnering with him financially to assist with basic needs and food for the children that are orphaned in Kenya.

I will be bringing you more information about Pastor Peterson and the orphan children he is helping. If you would like to help transform the life of a child in need, you may send a pledge to the address listed above to His Helping Hands Ministries. 

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