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Madlynn and Jeff Shore are on their way to the Rez
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I am very excited to share with you our accomplishments and new insights for our next level at Summit Training Post (STP).

Kelsey Begay (former President of the Navajo Nation) is now the Coordinator of the Navajo Faith-Based Initiative. He stopped by STP in November to ask me to work with the organization. Their focus is to get involved with the Navajo Government, school systems and the children that are gravitating into the drug culture. I see this as God's next step in reaching the youth on the Reservation in a more aggressive manner. The reason Kelsey approached me is because of what we have been able to accomplish over the years with our kids programs.  

Each of the members of the Faith-Based Initiative Staff are from key Chapters on the Reservation. They will be able to open areas of need in order for us to reach the youth. I see our camp program, Camp Native America (CNA), going to another level this summer! This years schedule of events is designed in such a way that we can reach the parents who are lacking in the ability to focus on raising their children, due to the trappings that are entrenched on the Reservation. At each event, we are establishing our kids ministry to seize the opportunity, with a multi-faceted approach, to gain their confidence and bring them into our Happy Day Kids Club.

Camp Native America 2014 will run from June 28th thru July 3rd. Overseeing this years camp is Youth Minister Kim Wiley and Apostle Walt Healey's Mission Team from Grace and Peace Church in Toms River, NJ, along with the youth group from Ft. Defiance.  We intend to go to the villages where these kids live after the actual camp is dismissed, in order to disciple the children and minister to their family members.

Recently, I was invited by our dear friend, Pastor Bill Overton, Overseer of The Light House Church in Gallup, NM, to a meeting with "SHARE AND CARE" (A collaborative meeting with the Navajo Nation, City of Gallup, New Mexico, and Non-Profit Organizations.) The Mayor of Gallup, NM, Mr. McKinney, along with Chief of Police, Robert Cron, presided over the meeting. The conviction and mandate of the Holy Spirit in that meeting was evident ~~ Without a doubt, THE DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY for new assignments and destinys purpose just opened!!

Speaking of new assignments, our school, Summit School of Ministry and Performing Arts (SSMPA), has been given the opportunity to train young Navajos to become Biblical Counselors to help this addicted and disadvantaged culture. If we had not reached the kids over these many years the way we have, we would have never been postured, positioned and prepared for today's opportunities!

With great expectation for new opportunities, we have purchased and installed a 75,000 BTU wood stove for our Amphitheater and now have use of this great space year-round for events and services. Every program we have is designed to bring awareness of the Holy Spirit and God's original design that Jesus is the answer and that He works through an organic organization like STP. The blessing is how we are reaching every age group, which is always focused on the future of this nation - THE YOUTH!

Every Sunday at STP, we have service at 2:30 PM (Worship and Wisdom in the Word and Happy Day Kids Club). It has become a staple among our Navajo people and our many Gallup friends. Now that the Amphitheater will be in operation year-round, the Media Center has become our kids facility. Our children and youth ministries are postured in such a way as to affect and bring unity to the family structure!

This June, another family from our church in New Jersey (Center Of Unbroken Praise) is moving to STP in order to get us to our next level. Madlynn and Jeff Shore have been part of our team for many years. Madlynn is our Administrator and gifted as a Coordinator over many areas of ministry; and Jeff will be working with our Youth.

We are always looking to partner with volunteers and ministry teams. The physical work load of mending fences, repairing the grounds, painting the buildings, and general cleaning, requires teams to come to partake in this on-going dream and vision.

Dr. Herb Hutchinson, Bishop

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