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 Camp Native America "Summer Camp Manual 
Camp Native America 
C/O Summit Training Post
PO Box 4707
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-5106
We invite you to be part of the vision of Summit Training Post. Join us for a summer camping experience on the Navajo Reservation in St. Michaels, Arizona. 
Our summer camps are four days in duration, Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a clean up day and time of debriefing. Male and female staff members or interns will meet for prayer each morning before breakfast, seeking guidance and direction for our day’s activities. Then, off to the ‘mess tent’, our outdoor kitchen, to eat and get ready to experience a Camp Native American day.
The days are comprised of maintenance work on the property, horseback riding, hiking, mountain climbing and God centered children’s activities with a variety of other learning experiences. Campers will participate in Native American activities, such as learning the crafting skills of jewelry-making, pottery and weaving from Navajo craftsmen. We will also have the opportunity of listening to lectures by head government officials from the reservation, hearing historical as well as personal stories. Evenings are spent under God’s magnificent canopy as we seek His presence in praise and worship and the ministering of His Word.
A large and important part of each day and night spent at Camp Native America is the time we spend in fellowship with our Native American brothers and sisters. We have established close relationship with many Navajo ministries and families, and enjoy visiting and working with them.
To reserve your spot as a camper at Camp Native America 2008, please contact us at the following:
(928) 871-5106 or (609) 432-4934
Bishop Herb Hutchinson, CEO
What to Bring to CNA?
The Navajo Nation is located in the high desert. Because the elevation is over 7000 feet, the weather can at times be unpredictable. Days are between 80 to 100 degrees. Nights can be chilly.
We ask that all personal belongings are labeled.
Supply Check List:
Tee shirts
Socks and Sneakers
Extra Undergarments
Jackets or Hoodies
Body Lotion
Lip Balm or Chap Stick
Saline Nasal Spray
Insect Repellent
Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
Washcloth and Towel
Bible and Journal (youth only)
Travel Arrangements
Ground Transportation: 
If traveling via ground transportation, contact our travel correspondent, Andi Kovacs. 
Flight Arrangements:
Please make flight arrangements from your home to the Albuquerque Airport in New Mexico. This airport is the closest to our property in Saint Michaels, AZ. 
At this time we do not have the resources to provide transportation to and from the airport. May we suggest when booking your flight, look for combination flight/car rental specials. 
Option 1:
While attending CNA you are more than welcome to camp out on the property. You must provide your own camping essentials.
Option 2:
Motel accommodations are available. Reservations must be made through our travel correspondent, Andi Kovacs. Her phone number is (928) 871-5106. Andi’s email address is
Daily Activities
Daily activities will include one or more of the following for each designated age group.
Ages 3-5 and Ages 6-8
Prophetic Worship Training
Creative Drama
Hay Rides
Horse Back Riding
Crafts Corner
Games Galore
Water Games
Carnival [Thursday]
Ages 9-11
Prophetic Worship Training
Creative Drama
Worship Choir
Horseback Riding
Water Games
Art Class
Sports Activities such as Volleyball and Basketball
Carnival [Thursday]
Ages 12-18
Teaching Sessions
Hay Rides
Horseback Riding
Mountain Climbing and Hiking
Gospel Choir
Workshops [to be announced]
Jewelry Making
Art Classes
Evening Services
Evening Services are held at CNA at the STP Amphitheater, 7:00 P.M nightly. In inclement weather, other arrangements will be made.
Additional Information
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be provided to all campers and staff at no cost.
 A medical staff and first aid station will be on site during camp.
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    Herb Hutchinson Ministries
    PO Box 4707
    Window Rock, AZ 86515
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