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 SAL Ministries International (SAL) 

SAL Ministries International is an Apostolic Alliance...  an association of five fold ministries and apostolic leaders established to bring globally minded ministries together. We can then create relationships, and develop creative dialogue in order to transfer Kingdom purpose, and God’s will from heaven to earth through SPIRITUAL, ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN.

An exclusive invitation is extended to you to join with Dr. Herb Hutchinson, the presiding Bishop of SAL Ministries, Int’l. Take this opportunity to engage in a creative experience through relationships and dialogue concerning the future of the Church in the 21ST Century.
The Kingdom is being shaken to relieve the Church of the chaos that has prohibited the harvest from being gathered, in these last days. Join with Dr. Herb in the unveiling of Heaven’s purpose. Jesus taught us to pray: “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” There is a transfer from Heaven to earth of God’s Kingdom and will. Learn how to become wise master builders through the process called “Spiritual Architectural Landscape”, which is created by meaningful dialogue. There are unprecedented opportunities that can only be achieved when leaders are willing to bridge the gap through relationships.  
Dr. Hutchinson carries an apostolic mantle with a heart of David that creates an atmosphere for the prophetic to be achieved in a safe environment.  
Please contact Dr. Herb and you will receive your invitation by mail for the next Leadership Meeting in your area.
    Empowering People For Purpose
    Herb Hutchinson Ministries
    PO Box 4707
    Window Rock, AZ 86515
    (609) 432-4291